Top 7 technology platforms within the HR space
published 1/5/2022
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HR may be the business of people, but every HR department can (and, usually, already does) benefit from tech. Different tech tools and platforms can boost HR productivity in many areas, helping the department stay more organised, better distribute information and resources, collect valuable data points and execute strategies more efficiently. As tech progresses, many tools have gone beyond boosting productivity and chosen to wield tech’s power to create healthier workplaces where workers feel valued and more engaged. Read on to find 7 of the top technology platforms enhancing the HR space today, and what makes them stand out.


Spill is a message-based mental health support app that connects employees with therapists through Slack. Working in partnership with companies, Spill helps match people — like the reported 87% of people in the U.K. that say mental health has interfered with their ability to cope with normal life in some way — with counselors who are British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy registered or equivalent. Spill is paid for by employers, making the text-based therapy accessible to employees for free.


Juno helps companies connect their employees with all-in-one employee wellness benefits from £24/month pp. Through Juno, companies can set aside a monthly allowance per employee, which is converted into Juno points. Employees can then spend these points on any of the wellbeing offerings on the Juno platform, from vitamins and therapy to app subscriptions. As a bonus, Juno allows employees to submit requests for helpful benefits that aren’t already on the platform.

Charlie HR

Charlie HR is a cloud-based HR software made to be a virtual HR support powerhouse for companies, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses. Charlie HR provides a variety of people-focused features, including absence management, employee self service, performance management, training and skills, benefits enrollment, manager self service, reviews, vacation and sick leave, compliance and more.

For an extra monthly fee, CharlieHR users can get assigned a personal HR advisor who can provide unlimited advice and support, including advice on basic HR needs and legal compliance, and can help users build their HR processes based on industry best-practices.

Alva Labs

Alva Labs is a candidate assessment company, that helps companies automate their screening process to be more inclusive and accurate using psychometric tests that combine science in psychological measurements with machine learning. The company’s tests, built using the Big Five Personality Traits and Modern Test Theory, work to assess candidates in a more authentic and well-rounded way that goes beyond just CVs and LinkedIn pages. On top of being quick to complete for candidates, Alva Labs testing allows candidates to be more accurately understood for their skills and potential, helping companies find the best candidate for the job.


Imagine how easy it would be to make the right hire if you could see six months into the future with a candidate before they even sat down at their desk. This is the insight HiPeople gives you during the hiring process, with the help of AI. A Berlin-based talent insight and reference checks platform, HiPeople provides its clients with in-depth automated reference checks, collecting verified, detailed feedback on candidates so that companies can make hiring decisions that are more likely to bring long term success. HiPeople allows businesses to quickly learn how a candidate works, speeds up the hiring process for everyone involved, and helps companies to eliminate recruitment biases with the help of data.


Women are 50% less likely to consider roles that have a coded gender bias — that’s just one statistic given by Applied that exemplifies how bias can sneak into job descriptions and negatively impact the diversity of an applicant pool without companies realising. Words matter, and that’s why Applied helps companies create a fair and unbiased candidate experience, remove implicit bias from job ads and write job ads that attract top-tier talent with its Job Description Tool. The tool helps analyse the language in a company’s job ads and eliminate biased language, including gender-coded words. It also helps companies write job descriptions that are clear and easy to read, meaning applicants spend less time trying to decode jargon and more time applying.


One LinkedIn Learning survey found that 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. That’s a combo of employee retention and a more highly-skilled workforce that’s hard to beat, and one that Guider wants to help more companies achieve. Made specifically for large organisations, Guider is a mentoring platform that helps companies build, run and scale data-driven mentoring programs. Companies can customise their program’s landing page, build a mentor & mentee recruitment plan, match mentors with mentees using a mentor matching algorithm with a 96.5% matching accuracy, build mentoring relationships that last longer, and more. Able to be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Workspace and Zoom, Guider is versatile and provides companies with real-time metrics to make sure they’re hitting your goals.




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