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Supercharging tech tools for growing, ambitious teams


Tech Warriors is a video learning solution designed around the success and effectiveness of micro-learning. We're all about making technology work for you, both at work and home.


Our digestible, bite-sized, on-demand video training will help:

  • Accelerate your knowledge and mastery of today's essential tech tools and software
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity
  • Help you get more out of the technology you use daily


Tech Warriors offers its users a way to stay on top of tech and lets businesses ensure better team adoption and utilisation of their existing tech stack investment. We make the tech tool onboarding and adoption experience smoother and less overwhelming. Our customised training journeys around a company’s tech stack are designed to help you maximise all the business tech tools you need to succeed in your role and increase your ROI. Our constantly updating library of tech and software training videos on today’s most popular software, from Zoom and Google to the newest, most innovative up-and-coming technology, is proven to result in greater knowledge retention and happier employees.


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Mission & Purpose

We get it, tech can be intimidating and hard to comprehend. Our mission is to demystify technology and empower customers to harness tech for deeper, more efficient impact. At Tech Warriors, we're passionate about educating people on the power of day-to-day technology and its impact on all parts of your life, especially as the hybrid work world is here to stay.

Today’s software is packed with bells and whistles that can be wielded specifically to drive efficiency at work. Tech Warriors’ mission is to help users discover and implement these features without spending precious time scouring Google for information or taking up the time of other members of their team.

Tech Warriors is on a mission to help you adapt to new work processes, including remote onboarding and training. Our fast-growing video library covering today's most popular tech releases has been created to be a go-to resource, teaching you all you need to know to remain competitive in your career and to ensure your company is maximising all the newest software that's constantly innovating and improving our work.