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Health & Wellbeing

All about Spill

Spill provides mental health support to progressive companies. Our Slack integration makes it super easy for anyone to message a therapist or book a next-day video session with them.


Mission & Purpose

Spill was founded to help rid the world of unnecessary emotional pain. We believe the solution is already here — it just hasn't been evenly distributed yet. This isn't like the challenge of how to cure cancer, which still requires a lot of research, time and brainpower to crack. Counselling and therapy have existed for over a century, and have been shown time and time again to dramatically increase emotional stability in as little as one or two sessions, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety as successfully as antidepressants.

The issue is that;

(a) stigma still stops people from reaching out for support, and

(b) support is hard to access thanks to waiting lists, questionnaires and the high price of going private.


Spill aims to make therapy barrier-free, stigma-free, and free at the point of use. In fact, it only takes three clicks to book a Spill therapy session for the next day!