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All about pirkx

The pirkx executive team is made up of small business owners who were frustrated by how needlessly complicated it was to access wellbeing benefits. Our team set out to create something affordable which brought wellbeing benefits to everyone – whether self-employed, part of a company or working as a contractor.

Using tech we have delivered wellbeing on demand for everyone. It’s easy to use, has affordable pricing, along with quick and simple administration - pirkx can be used by anyone whether they are self- employed, employed, a member of an association or even one of your clients.


Sneak Peak

  • 24/7 telephone and online GP service
  • Mental Health support services: from mental health resilience tools to the 24/7 365 pirkx counsellor, pirkx provides you and family with the right support at the right time.
  • Virtual gym classes for all abilities & discounted gym membership
  • Access to free learning courses and big discounts from large providers of accredited courses
  • Virtual physiotherapy & discounted health insurances
  • Over 4,000 shopping discounts from major retailers, including major supermarket brands
  • Money advice, credit score advice, debt help
  • Free pulse surveys so you can see gain insight into your workforce or clients
  • Give Kudos to your peers, workforce and clients, with the ability to send gift cards as a thank you!

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Mission & Purpose

The pirkx team wants to get affordable health and wellbeing benefits to as many people as possible, regardless of their employment status, with a mission to positively impact 1m lives by 2025.