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All about Matchable

At Matchable, we're reimaging volunteering. Nowadays especially, employees are looking for their purpose at work and volunteering is a perfect way to offer that. However, if you've tried to volunteer in the past, you'll appreciate it can be an absolute nightmare to organise and may also not be that fulfilling. 


With Matchable, we take away all of the hassle of volunteering and allow for maximum purpose by letting employees volunteer with the cause they care most about. Painting a fence another company painted 2 weeks ago doesn't create fulfilment so with Matchable, employees can use their skills to create maximum impact.


Mission & Purpose

We’ve experienced fantastic traction since launch in early 2019 and we’re aiming to deliver over £420m of value via 600,000 hours to organisations changing the world over the next 5 years.

Matchable is available to 1000s of employees at some of the biggest and most innovative companies worldwide.

In September 2020 we became a certified B Corporation, joining an international network of over 2500 companies committed to balancing profit and purpose.

We’ve also been recognised as a Top 100 company to escape to in 2021 by Escape the City (with the joint highest people score!).