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Health & Wellbeing Flexibility

All about Juno

Juno is the flexible wellbeing and mental health benefits platform. We incorporate our marketplace, our concierge service and our virtual debit card to give our members the choice and flexibility to choose the most suitable benefits for them.


Mission & Purpose

Juno was set up to give people more choice on how to support their wellbeing. To give them a safe space and the flexibility to pick what was suitable for them on any given day. We set out to build a place where we could connect meaningful brands and experiences to the people that needed them.


Our mission was simple, to put wellbeing at the forefront of every business and to work with employers to put their employee's wellbeing first. We wanted to show the business world that employees wanted more from their workplace and that discounted perks and free food and drinks just didn't cut anymore. Employees want freedom, choice and the flexibility to pick their own wellbeing benefits, not a one size fits all model. Our mission today is still the same, we want to empower employers and employees through choice and freedom and that's why Juno connects our members to hundreds of wellbeing and mental health brands and experiences every day. Working with progressive employers, who want to set aside a budget to support their employees wellbeing, we are fast growing into the preferred partner of hundreds of businesses around the world. We grow our brand and experience offerings, based on our members locations and requests, which results in a platform that is relatable and adaptable to every single member's needs.