Holding employers to account
published 2/18/2022
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Throughout the hiring process, there is an obvious and understandable emphasis on employers and recruiters screening candidates. However, particularly in the wake of 2020, workplace trends are changing. After a year (and now, nearly two years) that turned the way we live and work upside-down, there is a keen awareness that companies too, should be examined and held accountable. We all know that everyone — not just individuals, but also larger entities like businesses —  needs to be an active participant in creating a more progressive world.


The traditional vetting and recruitment process, in which candidates shoulder the majority of the pressure to prove their worth, simply doesn’t fit into the present landscape. Today, there needs to be an equal force in the opposite direction: a framework in which companies are vetted just as thoroughly as candidates. While the demand is growing, this framework doesn’t currently exist in the mature form that candidates need and deserve.


The future of work is one in which companies compete with each other to prove themselves as worthwhile workplaces to high quality candidates. Why?


Employees are more tuned into their value and their values than ever before.


This past year has caused many people to completely re-evaluate their work lives. Many are now asking themselves: what is worth devoting the majority of my day to? The answers employees reach are often rooted in two main categories:



On a literal level, employees no longer think about their time in the same way. Many who were fortunate enough to keep working throughout the pandemic now know that they are not just capable of working remotely, but that they prefer a flexible work arrangement. Employees no longer view flexible or hybrid work opportunities as a luxury — now, the perspective has shifted to one in which employees ask, “why should I work for a company that knows I can perform my job efficiently, but doesn’t respect my desire to have a say in my work environment, better manage my own work/life balance, or spend more time with my family?”



Today’s talent are not willing to settle for less than they are worth, nor are they interested in holding out for the vague promise of upward mobility in exchange for tolerating a toxic, uncaring or generally non-progressive work environment.


According to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey, 1 in 4 workers is preparing to look for opportunities with a new employer once the pandemic threat has subsided, based on multiple considerations that speak volumes about what candidates want, and therefore what factors will shape the future of the workforce: a desire for an employer that promotes and encourages their career progression and skill development; for employers that provide better, comprehensive benefits; and for employers that prioritise creating the kind of cultures that employees want to see. In the words of Prudential Vice Chair Rob Falzon, the looming talent war will be won by companies who affirm their standing as a top destination for both current and future talent.


To sum it up: compatible ethics between employees and employers, as well as the establishment of systems that create mutual benefits between the two, will be the permanent gateway to high quality work and overall success. 


As we build new processes for vetting employers, it’s critical to make sure that employees are not on their own. Today’s recruiters should be doing their part to assess employers as much — if not more, given the ease with which a company can simply claim to be “progressive” or “a great place to work” — as they do candidates. With this concept in mind, Good Eggs, a job board for progressive companies, was born.


Good Eggs is our contribution to what we know will be a future tradition: a professional culture in which the many talented employees on the market are supported and assisted in finding a workplace that honors the term “progressive.”


As we said, the emphasis of this future is two-way between employer and employee. Good Eggs will not only help talent find a great employer, it will also serve as a job board where companies are thoroughly onboarded and then celebrated for their commitment to doing better. As part of our assessment of companies to be included on the Good Eggs platform, we will highlight that you don’t need a massive wealth of money or resources to be a progressive company—Good Eggs will be open to companies large and small, assessed based on Good Eggs’ three core pillars:


  1. Company Insight - A layout of the bones of a company, including their operational structure as well as what mission, values and principles make up the company’s foundation.
  2. Culture & Wellbeing - A deep dive into the company’s culture, including the working environment and company DNA.
  3. People Policies - An ultra-transparent look into what employee support a company provides, like parental leave, flexible work offerings, healthcare and wellness benefits, and more.


In addition to providing companies with recognition for having exceptional policies, culture and benefits overall, Good Eggs will also serve to directly connect employers with top talent looking for companies that appreciate their worth (and, after all, the most experienced and accomplished talent will be the least likely to tolerate sub-par companies). In turn, Good Eggs will provide companies with the opportunity to cut through the fluff and immediately promote their hard work and progress when it comes to their employee offering and work culture — an opportunity that could easily be missed in the oversaturated pages of large scale job boards.


We look forward to having you join us as we work to uplift hard working companies and give job seekers what they really want — roles that offer more than just the “right” salary and location, and companies that put an emphasis on transparency.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to help both employers and job seekers build this vision of the future workforce, and we’d love for you to join us and follow along. Today, you can find Good Eggs on LinkedIn here and can sign up as an Employer or Jobseeker here.

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