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Diversity & Inclusion Training & Development

All about Guider

Born out of a desire to make mentoring more accessible, Guider is giving everyone access to the career development they deserve. Currently working with some of the world's best known brands, we help grow and scale mentoring cultures, as well as drive change in areas of Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Leadership, Mental Health and more.


What we do: Having launched hundreds of mentoring and coaching programs, we know it’s not just a great platform needed to drive success. Our expert Customer Success team will support you to create an impactful, data-driven mentoring culture in no time.


Build your programme - Before going live, customise your mentoring or coaching program:

  • Customised landing pages
  • Work with us to create a recruitment plan 
  • Customise the platform with your branding
  • Customise sign-up forms 
  • SSO and user integrations 


Launch & Match - Using a sophisticated matching algorithm with a 96.5% matching accuracy, we customise your mentor matching:

  • Match within the same or different regions 
  • Match with different job level ranges
  • Limit the amount of relationships mentors can have


Mentoring experience - Mentoring relationships through Guider last longer than traditional relationships. Why? Because of our expertise in the mentoring experience:

  • Nudges if users have gone quiet
  • Goal setting and milestones
  • Feedback surveys
  • Mentor and mentee training
  • Customisable resource libraries


"Guider has the potential to transform lives, at scale, one conversation at a time. The platform achieves a great balance of delivering a clear, accessible user experience with technology that underpins and supports the process to enhance what is fundamentally a human story of connection, relationships and experience sharing. Bravo!" Guy Wilkins, Senior Digital Learning & Platforms Manager, Clyde & Co

Mission & Purpose

We've assembled a superstar team, passionate about personal and career development, and we're fully behind our mission to power over a billion inspirational conversations.


Guider's company values guide how we work both internally and with our customers...

  • Curiosity to learn : From each other, from our customers and from our mistakes
  • Act with integrity : In everything we do and with each other
  • Champion inclusivity : Within our team, our customers, and throughout our product
  • Exude ambition : For personal development, business growth, and customer success


"I’m so happy that I got to use Guider. It’s a great opportunity for every colleague to develop their skills and so important to meet new people from within the M&S community." Giorgos Kinigopoulos, Learning and Development Specialist, M&S