Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer your questions. If you can't find the answer on this page, please email


How long does it take to sign up as a Job Seeker/Company?

5-10 minutes, and we recommend doing so on a laptop, but mobile is also supported. We’ve put a lot of time into making our sign-up process pain-free and easy to use, without compromising on personality and information gathering.

Sound good? Try it out for yourself!


What type of industries and roles are published on Good Eggs?

We pride ourselves on being industry agnostic and providing job seekers with a range of opportunities, allowing job seekers to use one platform to align their search throughout their career whether a graduate or a seasoned professional.


How do I delete a Job Seeker or Company account?

If you would like to delete your account please email so this can be actioned. We will be very sad to see you go and would value any feedback as to why you are leaving us.


Job Seeker

How is my personal information being handled on your platform?

We take privacy seriously on the Good Eggs platform, we have password-protected dashboards for both Job Seekers and Companies. You can also learn more, by reading our Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy here.


How do I get in touch with someone about a job I’ve seen?

If you like the look of a role, then just hit the apply button. We don’t enable candidates to contact job posters directly, but we’ll endeavour to get you a response from the employer.


Can I change my preferences for my job search?

You can change your job search preferences on your job seeker dashboard in your profile section any time you want to.



How do I post a job?

If you would like to post a job you can do so by signing up/signing in as a company user. On your dashboard, you will see the option to “Post a Job”; you’ll be asked to complete the questions so that Good Eggs can gather all the relevant information we need. After you hit “Submit” your role will be sent for approval and then published live on the platform.


How much does it cost to post a job on Good Eggs?

During the launch period, we are offering all companies the opportunity to post their live job openings completely FREE! Unfortunately, the time will come where we do charge for job postings. To provide you with complete transparency, we have published the costs as they will be when they come into effect and you can view them here. We want to make great talent available to all, whether a  large corporate entity, a charity or a start-up.


How long will my job advert appear on the website for?

Your job will appear on the website until you deactivate them, which can be actioned on the company dashboard.


What statistics can I get about my job postings?

We are currently working on allowing you to track almost everything about your job posting, but initially, we aim to provide you with:

  • The number of views to your postings
  • The number of applications


Do you integrate with HR platforms?

At this moment in time, we do not have any integrations with external platforms. But watch this space because we are beavering away in the background to make this possible for our users.


Can I change our company information that will be displayed?

You can change your company information that will be displayed on the site by visiting your company dashboard and editing, remember to save any amendments so that everyone can see how the company is progressing!