Diversity Commitment

It is our mission to discover and align purpose-driven people and companies who share a common ethical code, and who honour the term “progressive”.


As a bottom line, we don’t want job seekers to have to struggle to find employers who have built the foundation of their business with diversity in mind; who create a company culture that prioritises employee health and wellness as much as productivity; who refuse to continue with “business as usual” when that means upholding a tradition of discrimination and toxicity. Our greater ambition is to become a meeting place for everyone interested in building the future of workplace culture, where mutual respect and collaboration are top priority—always. 


We launched understanding that this is a forever-goal. In an imperfect world, there will never be a time when we are done improving upon D&I efforts in the recruitment space. Awareness and attention to detail are key to giving our job seekers a positive experience, and that’s why transparency is at the core of the onboarding process we go through with our company clients. 


As part of our commitment to transparency, we collect the latest, no-frills diversity data from our company partners and share our results front and centre, giving our job seekers an ultra-transparent understanding of a possible employer. We also collect data from our job seekers to continually assess who is attracted to a given position, and use this data to give us insight into where our company partners are either excelling or have room for improvement. This both helps us provide job seekers with better listings and allows us to highlight the success of our diversity initiatives to other companies looking for results — for example, if we are able to increase the number of female applicants for a tech role, we can attract more tech clients who are interested in bridging the gender diversity gap within their own company.


In addition, all of our live vacancies display salary ranges for each open position, in order to empower job seekers. We pride ourselves on listening to the job seekers who use our platform and are always open to feedback that lets us know how we can improve. 


At its core, our contribution to building diversity lives within the boundaries of recruitment. This, on its own, won’t change the world. But by being unwavering in our mission to uphold only the highest standards when it comes to D&I in our industry, we hope we can create a ripple effect. We aim for our work to help job seekers feel that the power is in their hands, and push companies to do better. Our dream is of a workplace where high standards are just standard. 


We know the effort to make our workplace and world a better place goes far beyond the recruitment world. But, we do hope to contribute what we can to make our corner of the industry, that piece that is within our grasp to influence, a better place. It is our vision to support and empower an inclusive global workforce by redefining what a job board can be.