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Diversity & Inclusion

All about Alva Labs

Alva Lab's unique candidate evaluation platform helps companies build their organizations with the right person in the right place. Through the combination of groundbreaking psychometry, data science and laser focus on the candidate experience, data-driven recruitment becomes possible for real. The platform is built to enable scalability and automation through smooth ATS integrations, automatic test feedback and stellar user experience.


The results:

  • Effectively & automatically screen candidates using Gold Standard tests
  • Improve your hiring accuracy, reduce bias & increase diversity
  • Create an excellent candidate experience


Alva's psychometric tests combine leading science in psychological measurements with advanced machine learning. Together, they form a platform for candidate assessment that makes hiring better for everyone.

Automate your company's screening process and make it faster, more inclusive and more accurate. With Alva, you can look beyond the CV and qualify your candidates on data that more accurately predicts job success. The tests are quick to complete for the candidate and built using the Big Five Personality Traits and Modern Test Theory.

Mission & Purpose

We’re here to help you hire potential. We are working with people. And to evaluate a human being is hard. A candidate is so much more than just their CV, LinkedIn page or university degree, yet that is what most traditional screening methods focus on. We want to help you look beyond that.

At Alva, we want to help you look for the potential in people, in order to make better and more objective hiring decisions. We combine organizational psychology with Modern Test Theory and machine learning so that you can find the right person for the right job.

Check out a customer video review here

“We use Alva in all of our recruitments, and it's made such a difference. Today, so many more 'wild cards' get a chance in our processes, and many more junior candidates as well. Moreover, in some of our recruitments, I never would have managed without Alva. It's been absolutely vital to handle the screening without spending days and days.” Alva Customer