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So, what's the story behind Good Eggs?

Our mission is simple: to discover and align purpose-driven people and companies

Good Eggs is based on 3 core pillars of transparency

Enabling increased alignment between candidate and company through cutting-edge search tools


A layout of the bones of a company, including their operational structure, details of ownership, stage of funding, share options etc. as well as the mission, values and principles that make up the company's foundation.


A deep dive into the company's culture, including the working environment and company DNA. For example, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development, Social, Charity Partnerships etc.


An ultra-transparent look into exactly what employee support a company provides - parental leave, flexible work offerings, healthcare and wellness benefits, and more.

What can I get from being a Good Egg?


For Employers...

Stronger upfront alignment on requirements and values to gain better longevity from hires and success in the role
Valuable data and insights, helping you to remain competitive in the hiring market and boost employer brand
Speak up about your brand and share all the great things you do
Resources & guides to help navigate and support a changing market in the people space

For Job Seekers...

Put a stop to wasting time on companies that aren't the right fit
Search for requirements that matter to you as an individual
Gain insight into changing market needs and how progressive companies stack up
A user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate across mobile and web
Results = growth, increased productivity and a motivated workforce

And, does it work?

Happy clients are the best proof of the healthy impact we're having on the workforce. See what some of our best successes have to say about Good Eggs.


"It's great to have a job board that allows me to prioritise what I need in my job search"


"Finally some transparency in my job search!"

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